using with Norinda character and GHD-Styles* Elegance clothes

This hair is not so complicated, however there may some unusual dials that not everyone got to use.

This hair includes changeable tails, holder and bangs.
You may mix them as you want.
There are handles for help to pose everything.
You can use both dials and mouse, except bangs mover, because
those are ONLY for very slight movements by turning dials.

Set your character than load Keitha Hair.
When load, DIALS actor will pick automatically.

There you see some groups.
With CHANGING you can set bangs, holder and tails.
With OTHER dials, you can set both tails at once.

There is an empty group - MoreDialsIn
it is only notify you to select those body actors for other morphs and adjust dials.

If hair not exactly fit to your character, in head actor you find some Fix and Adjust dials

Than you can start to set hair. Try to change holder....

... or hair tails value to 1 for another style ...

... or hair tails value to 2 for a bun.

Or change small curly hair strands to full bangs with value 1 ...

... or to side bangs with value 2.

Than  select Hair A (one of tails) and set morphs, than repeat with Hair B (2nd tail)

You can pose tails with dials (or use your mouse) in hair-holder ...

... and/or twist or move up-down with dials in tails actors (HairA and HairB) ...
or use your mouse again.
Note, for side moves, better to set hair-holder.

Note, strands are straight a little. If you want to set more realistic way,
set tails' end part with handles (hairB-mover and hairA-mover) to fit your pose.
Use dials or mouse - try both, they not give same result, because when you move movers with
mouse, it will pose tails too, not only mover.

In this pose, Norinda bend her head...in real life, side strands fall to front a little.
So go to Side-movers (in this case enough to set only Left side) and with dials
or mouse, set as you want. Bend to front and use twist and/or in-out if it go
into her head.

After this you can set bangs too, but only with dials! Don't set Bangs-L and Bangs-R
(bangs movers) with mouse, because it will brake hair.
And don't touch Bangs actor's dials!

When your finish with settings, render...